Deasil is very happy to be exhibiting The CWSA ( Coventry and Warwickshire Society of Artists) 104th Annual Exhibition. The CWSA is made up of a wide range of artists showing many different forms of Art; Sculpture, watercolour, oils, and much much more. The exhibition runs from May 27th- July 16th.

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Lauren Mortimer

   The pencil is my primarily my best friend. The most basic of tools, it can do extraordinary things. With it, I recreate life as we see it using patterns, lines, texture, tone, and, hopefully, a mood. My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. Using the natural world and surrealism, […]

Stuart Ellis

For over 20 years I worked as a freelance graphic designer/art director. I have now been painting full time since 2000. My paintings are based on the mood, atmosphere and light effects of the subject. Cornwall and Devon are also a great inspiration. Music is another great inspirer, from Bach to Hendrix, all creating a […]

Anneka Reay

So most of the works are created with a ballpoint pen (biro). This is because I was rubbish at making decisions and sticking to them.  With a permanent medium, I had no choice but to continue working on a piece, even if i made a ‘mistake’.  I have adopted the use of biro since because I love the […]

Sarah Horne

Sarah Horne is well know for being a very successful Leamington based florist. She has is a Chelsea Gold medalist and has now turned her hand to art work. Deasil is honoured to be exhibiting Sarah’s floral images for the first time. The highly detailed illustrations are exquisite beauty and show the strong connection and […]

Joanne Baker

A tattoo artist based in Coventry does incredible watercolour images. Joanne was first on display in our Tattoo artist exhibition in Inked Palette. Joannes technique and ability to add her own style to everything she creates makes her a truly talented artists. Joanne is been very successful over the past few months, and we are […]

Scott Naismith

Scott is currently on display at Deasil Gallery

50OptimismBouquet (Custom)
Sam Mikulsky

Sam is Currently on display at the Gallery

2015-11-14 14.17.16

We currently have three sculptures by Dominic on display


Jay currently has prints on display at the Gallery

Tessa Pearson

Tessa Is Currently on display at Deasil Art Gallery

Cobalt and Grey Allium Garden 60x45cm oil monoprint with woodblock copy