A massive thank you to all of our customers and artists. We have had a very successful few years, and would like to thank Leamington Spa for all of the love and support.

We have decided to pursue different paths, and this is no reflection on the very talented artists and wonderful customers, and is a personal choice.

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Andy Farr

  He has developed his own distinctive style for his movement inspired work, showing influences from Abstract Expressionism, Cubism and Futurism. This style developed out of early works featuring dance and carousels. Andy is also working with Arts Council England on a WW1 centenary project, working with schools across in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Midlands. […]


MORIELLO For over a decade now Moriello has been producing high impact imagery, brand development and conceptual graphic design for a wide range of influential group of clients. Moriello’s work as a graphic designer has earned him several prestigious awards for his original creations. Today, he introduces his latest artwork through color therapy. Inspired by […]

Artêria_Moriello_Glamorous Hepburn, edition of 7

LIMBO   Following a first production essentially based on the nostalgia of old and outdated everyday objects on brightly coloured backgrounds, Limbo is now proposing a reflection on childhood through its different social and cultural contexts.   For Limbo, the parallel between a Twister board game and a mine field, or between a water pistol […]

Artêria_Limbo_Blue gun on red_30x30
Jean Gaudet

  JEAN GAUDET  Born in Montréal, Jean Gaudet is a portraitist by nature. No matter the theme, he gets intimate with the subject. He gets very evocative in a personal way and likes to get you to feel like you are one with the picture. His nature scenes are all about texture and light. Water […]

Artêria_Jean Gaudet_Nuage 673_10x24 copy
Claire Poire

CLAIRE POIRE Being very preoccupied by the disruption of traditional values, I channel through my work a constant desire for harmony and serenity. My search for a new balance, the equilibrium between yin and yang, the male and female forms, the Anima and Animus, results in the collision and disruption of volumes in my work. […]

Artêria_Claire Poiré_Mutante 2_13x7x3
Carolline Auclaire

CAROLLINE AUCLAIR   From nature flows Carolline Auclair’s inspiration, whose work from painting to performance, is enriched by an ongoing exploration of art media. Nature awakens the artist’s creativity and its encounters as well as discoveries enhance her work.   The ‘botanical energy’ that characterizes artist Marie-Jeanne Musiol’s work is one such meeting point, crucial […]

Racines argentées bleues_30x30
Annabelle Marquis

ANNABELLE MARQUIS For several years, Annabelle Marquis has been pursuing a most unusual mode of pictorial expression, at once bold and perceptive. Feeling is not excluded, but primarily manifests in revelation, surprise and amazement. Do not expect to find a specific message or perhaps spleen. Rather, she favours a playful approach to form through æsthetic […]

Artêria_Annabelle Marquis_Roses are red_48x30

We currently have sculptures by Dominic on display

2015-11-19 15.05.20

DOC is currently on display at Deasil Art Gallery. He has prints as well as originals in the Gallery.

oct elephant