Our Artists

Here are the artists we currently represent, for more information on any of these please contact us.

Neil Moore

Neil is a leading local artist, winner of the Leamington Art Gallery and Museum OPEN in 2015, he has extended his contribution to the Leamington art community through his commitment to teaching. There are many aspiring artists delighted to have had the privilege of being taught by such an incredible local talent.

Neil’s paintings and drawings explore the complex psychology of modern day society. Neil’s figurative realistic paintings use fine detail and precision to draw the viewer in, while leaving you poised with questions. Art can challenge you, and this is exactly what Neil Moore’s work does. Some people will find questions within the work, others will find answers, but everyone will find something different. That is what makes this collection of work truly brilliant.

Other work by the artist:

Andy Farr


He has developed his own distinctive style for his movement inspired work, showing influences from Abstract Expressionism, Cubism and Futurism. This style developed out of early works featuring dance and carousels.

Andy is also working with Arts Council England on a WW1 centenary project, working with schools across in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Midlands. One of the pieces emerging from this project has recently been acquired by The City of Newcastle for permanent display.

Andy is studying for an MA in Painting at Coventry School of Art and Design.

Works by the artist work can be found at www.andyfarr.com and www.lostgeneration.info


Andy will be having an exhibition in Deasil Starting August 19th, 2016

Other work by the artist:

SomersaultVelocity (795x1024)Race through Warwick
Sylvie Adams
Artêria Sylvie Adams_Thunderhead - 30x30 copy

Sylvie Adams paints abstract works on canvas and wood. As a studio artist, her process is gradual and intuitive, allowing a certain amount of luck. Her visual language comes primarily from the codes of American Abstract Expressionism, Action painting and Colorfield painting. Although her references relate mainly to abstraction, her imagery refers to a relatively figurative dimensional spatial construction. We can perceive a depth of field in which to project ourselves.

The works are produced over periods of several weeks, allowing her to develop the image in a mode of action and reaction. She invests the surface by adding and removing materials, building her compositions in layers more or less transparent. Proceeding methodically by steps: she begins with planes of shades of gray, ranging from opaque black to white, and adds sometimes very bright and garish colored masses, and ends with paint projections. Several types of markings coexist on canvas, brush, cloth, fingers and spray.

Sylvie, was born in New Brunswick Canada, and we are very excited to have her exhibiting at Deasil

Artêria_Moriello_Glamorous Hepburn, edition of 7


For over a decade now Moriello has been producing high impact imagery, brand development and conceptual graphic design for a wide range of influential group of clients. Moriello’s work as a graphic designer has earned him several prestigious awards for his original creations. Today, he introduces his latest artwork through color therapy. Inspired by photography and cinematography his creations highlight the chemistry of colors with abstract design. Every piece explores the issues relative to today’s culture, public and private identity, expurgation as well as exhibitionism.


Artêria_Moriello_Glamorous Bardot_Edition of 7Artêria_Moriello_Glamorous Sofia_Edition of 7
Artêria_Limbo_Blue gun on red_30x30



Following a first production essentially based on the nostalgia of old and outdated everyday objects on brightly coloured backgrounds, Limbo is now proposing a reflection on childhood through its different social and cultural contexts.


For Limbo, the parallel between a Twister board game and a mine field, or between a water pistol and a real firearm, reinforces the idea that the place you are born is in fact a draw, an unjust lottery.


By representing toys from their naive and carefree childhood, the duo also reminds us that they were privileged, that the memory of playing like a kid when you are a kid is a strong and happy feeling that every child should experience, that all objects that represent childhood moments should be harmless.


It is through screen printing that the duo is sharing their bittersweet vision of social cruelty.

A method that reminds the two 40 y/o kids the wonders and joy of discovery every time they raise the screen.


Other work by the artist:

Artêria_Limbo_Blue gun on red_30x30Artêria_Limbo_Buck Rogers on wood_30x30
Jean Gaudet
Artêria_Jean Gaudet_Nuage 673_10x24 copy



Born in Montréal, Jean Gaudet is a portraitist by nature. No matter the theme, he gets intimate with the subject. He gets very evocative in a personal way and likes to get you to feel like you are one with the picture. His nature scenes are all about texture and light. Water has to feel wet, wood has to smell like wood and the sunshine has to warm up the canvas. His approach is similar when he depicts the human form.



Other work by the artist:

Artêria_Jean Gaudet_Nuage 673_10x24 copy
Claire Poire
Artêria_Claire Poiré_Mutante 2_13x7x3


Being very preoccupied by the disruption of traditional values, I channel through my work a constant desire for harmony and serenity.

My search for a new balance, the equilibrium between yin and yang, the male and female forms, the Anima and Animus, results in the collision and disruption of volumes in my work. At the same time, a feeling of peacefulness and joyfulness emanates from my production.

Everything moves : my bodies breathe, dance, evolve; they look for peace, serenity, balance.

My sculptures are drawings in space, where I let my subconscious « take a line for a walk » (Paul Klee). The spontaneousness of my materials triggers news ideas and shapes, complementing my artistic research.

Bronze particulary appeals to me, as it radiates strenght and solidity, while being at the same time infinitely plastic, in its ability to reliably transmit the smallest details. It is a material which evolves with time.

To   model matter and to be modeled by it ; inventing spaces to express thoughts, feelings, or sensations : this is the essence of my approach.

Other work by the artist:

Artêria_Claire Poiré_Le Semeur_10x11x5Artêria_Claire Poiré_Mutante 2_13x7x3
Carolline Auclaire
Racines argentées bleues_30x30



From nature flows Carolline Auclair’s inspiration, whose work from painting to performance, is enriched by an ongoing exploration of art media. Nature awakens the artist’s creativity and its encounters as well as discoveries enhance her work.


The ‘botanical energy’ that characterizes artist Marie-Jeanne Musiol’s work is one such meeting point, crucial to her production. It is materialized in both poetic herbaria and the light boxes. Her poetic herbaria are reminiscent of the late period of Riopelle where different objects served as stencils and as the paint is applied on to the support with brush or airbrush would leave traces of what once was. These light boxes, painted in acrylic on plexiglass are lit with LED (light emitting diode). Oscillating between blue, green and red, the result becomes in each tone, a new image, evoking the importance that the artist allocates to the sense of wonder. The created images fluctuate between abstraction and figuration; the artist’s personal symbolism is transposed to the imprints of her poetic herbaria, or to the superimposed succession of painted layers projected from the light boxes.


In one stroke, as nature impresses upon her, Carolline Auclair leaves her marks through these performances where her onsite installations become the remnant and the photographs which she has captured endure as the only memories.


Other work by the artist:

Artêria_Carolline Auclair_Fougères boréales_Blue_12x36Artêria_Carolline Auclair_Racines argentées_Green_30x30Racines argentées bleues_30x30
Annabelle Marquis
Artêria_Annabelle Marquis_Roses are red_48x30


For several years, Annabelle Marquis has been pursuing a most unusual mode of pictorial expression, at once bold and perceptive. Feeling is not excluded, but primarily manifests in revelation, surprise and amazement. Do not expect to find a specific message or perhaps spleen. Rather, she favours a playful approach to form through æsthetic wonder. Crossovers of materials and textures closely interact with a subject that may or may not be recognizable.
First and foremost, touch appeals to Annabelle Marquis. Certainly, she aims to captivate the gaze of the beholder as well as her own, but she also strives to connect with the mind. She creates visual ambushes, pictorial scavenger hunts where rules are dictated by the tenuous thread that links conscious to unconscious. Hers. Ours. In fact, as we explore her paintings, we retrace the paths upon which they evolved… consciously, but mostly unconsciously.
In Annabelle Marquis, the value of craft meets an impressive intuitive strength. This prolific union creates a universe in which rich patterns and textures nourish sight and spirit, to our utmost delight.

Other work by the artist:

Artêria_Annabelle Marquis_Roses are red_48x30Artêria_Annabelle Marquis_Sky flower_16x16Artêria_Annabelle Marquis_Fish tale_16x16
Lauren Mortimer


 The pencil is my primarily my best friend. The most basic of tools, it can do extraordinary things. With it, I recreate life as we see it using patterns, lines, texture, tone, and, hopefully, a mood.

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. Using the natural world and surrealism, I often transform my subjects by contrasting and reworking them, capturing an air of curiosity. From ice-cream-brains to gun-bunnies, I try to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to my artwork; after all it should be fun.

I have illustrated a number of books to date, including ‘Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist’ for Running Press, as well as the ‘What Was…’ series for Penguin Young Readers Group. Other clientele include Nike, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, Le Monde, and BBC.



Other work by the artist:

Flora Flamingo_Print_2016_Lauren MortimerMarch Hares_Print_2015_Lauren MortimerWonder Bunny_Print 2013_Lauren Mortimer
Stuart Ellis

For over 20 years I worked as a freelance graphic designer/art director.
I have now been painting full time since 2000.

My paintings are based on the mood, atmosphere and light effects of the subject.
Cornwall and Devon are also a great inspiration.
Music is another great inspirer, from Bach to Hendrix, all creating a mood that is expressed through my work.

A reflection in water, a shaft of light, how I am feeling at a particular moment are translated through colour and movement onto the canvas.
In some of my work there is a serene calm in others a threatening storm, these are drawn from what I have seen or emotions I have experienced,
never knowing which direction the work will take until pencil connects with paper or brush hits the canvas.

Other work by the artist:

Anneka Reay

So most of the works are created with a ballpoint pen (biro).

This is because I was rubbish at making decisions and sticking to them.  With a permanent medium, I had no choice but to continue working on a piece, even if i made a ‘mistake’.  I have adopted the use of biro since because I love the apect of chance and unpredictability.

I hope my practice demonstrates that in my art world, there is no such thing as a mistake, only a bridge to something else.  Accidents happen – the ink in my pen will blotch when i don’t intend it to – and then it is up to me how to make this a part of the whole.  

Anneka’s work captivated the viewer with her immense use of detail. She is very talented and an artists not to be missed.

Other work by the artist:

20160307_121038 copy
Sarah Horne

Sarah Horne is well know for being a very successful Leamington based florist. She has is a Chelsea Gold medalist and has now turned her hand to art work. Deasil is honoured to be exhibiting Sarah’s floral images for the first time. The highly detailed illustrations are exquisite beauty and show the strong connection and knowledge she has with the botanical world. In a beautiful twist she then ands a splash of colour. This takes the detailed images to a whole new level, allowing the viewer to dive deeper into the image.

Other work by the artist:

Joanne Baker

A tattoo artist based in Coventry does incredible watercolour images. Joanne was first on display in our Tattoo artist exhibition in Inked Palette. Joannes technique and ability to add her own style to everything she creates makes her a truly talented artists. Joanne is been very successful exhibiting with Deasil.

Scott Naismith
50OptimismBouquet (Custom)

Scott Naismith

Recent success has seen Scott’s work reach a worldwide audience through his 16 000 youtube subscribers and a total view count exceeding 1.8 million views. In 2014 one painting was purchased for the collection of the BMA (British Medical Association), was winner of the Arnold Clark Award at the PAI and his work reached the USA through Gallery 13, Downtown Minneapolis. Scott’s work has now been shown in exhibitions in Chicago, New York, Barcelona , Amsterdam and London.


Other work by the artist:

40BarraFromVatersay20SecretCoastStudy240Underlying Potential (Custom)
Sam Mikulsky
2015-11-14 14.17.16

Sam exhibited for the first time last month, and he was a huge success. He is a designer by profession, and his geometric images draw the viewer in like no other work we have on display.

The work is done with Vinyl on Glass. All work comes framed


Other work by the artist:

2015-11-14 14.26.142015-11-14 14.17.34
2015-11-19 15.05.20

Has lived and worked in Wales since studying sculpture in London in 1990. His work has always tried to unlock the promise of reclaimed materials; these have historically been with classic sculpting materials such as wood, stone and metal.

Other work by the artist:

2015-11-19 15.05.202015-11-19 15.05.352015-11-19 15.04.54
Benjamin Penrose
2015-11-14 14.21.47

Works as artistic director at Playground Games in Leamington Spa. Ben’s colour palette and distinctive style has been very popular at Deasil.

Other work by the artist:

2015-11-14 14.17.07
Tessa Pearson
Cobalt and Grey Allium Garden 60x45cm oil monoprint with woodblock copy

Tessa Pearson studied Printed Textile design at UCA Farnham and the Royal College of Art, where she won the Courtaulds Prize and was commissioned by Liberty of London to produce a collection of printed silks. As Tessa Lambert she opened her own print studio and gallery in London and successfully sold her distinctive handpainted silks around the world.

Since 2000 Tessa’s professional practise has centred on her continuing passion for colour. Her work is an intuitive response to recollections of moments in time and special places, inspired by pattern and rhythms in space, currently is focusing on watercolour painting, mixed media and printmaking, working in series to explore and revisit a theme many times.

Tessa’s bold abstract prints are mostly original monotypes using oil etching inks, built up in many layers and richly textured with additional elements of collage, hand painting and individual laser cut woodblock printed imagery. Her original techniques have evolved using vivid colours and bold abstract mark making to express the physical and emotional impact she experiences when immersed in a wonderful exotic garden or dramatic patchwork landscape.

Nancy Upshall
Reflection copy

Nancy is a coventry based artists who is very well known in the area. Following her very successful solo show in July we are very excited to have her back.

Nancy has had over 28 solo shows over the years, and been part of many mixed exhibitions. It is an honour to be exhibiting her work. We have displayed work that she created capturing the essence of Coventry to work she finished last month. All work is very accomplished and deserves the recognition it receives.


Other work by the artist:

IMG_1422Fragments of Florence 1
Simon Tozer
2015-11-06 13.05.35

His prints draw on influences from popular art and children’s illustration.  He tries to illustrate human dreams, fears and frailties, often through the representation of animals but also through machines, cars and ships.  He finds that making pictures is rarely straightforward.  It is a process of reaching for thoughts and feelings that sit at the back of the mind.

Most of his pictures are created as screen prints.  Like other non-digital print techniques, the process encourages images that are graphic and quite simple in form. In screen printing each picture is created in layers as a series of separate drawings onto film. The layers are then transferred onto the screen using a chemical process, which is then hand printed as a stencil one colour at a time.

Simon’s work has been very popular at Deasil, and we are happy to have more of his work coming soon.

Other work by the artist:

Simon Tozer2015-11-14 14.25.55
oct elephant

DOC is a Graffiti Artists from Liverpool. His beautiful colour palette and sense of depth created in the image makes for some incredible work. In the next few weeks we will be having more of his work on display.